~It is my goal to give you the best grains at the best price!~

Here is the current list of products I have in stock! Prices are as of June 2009
I am sorry to say grain prices have gone up! But, If I can get
them on sale, I will pass the sale on to you (until the grain is gone).

My most popular items
Real salt 26 oz bag $7
11.75 oz organic raw blue agave nectar $5 (Wholesome Sweeteners)
11.75 oz organic blue gave nectar light $5 (Wholesome Sweeteners)
dough enhancer 16 oz can $8
dough enhancer by the case (6pk) $40
saf yeast 16 oz brick $4
vital wheat gluten 27 oz $9

Organic items by the pound
black turtle beans $2
sushi rice $3
brown basmati rice $2.10
brown flax seed $2.50
yellow popcorn $1.75
buckwheat groats $1.50
oat groats $1.50
quinoa, white $4.25
quinoa, red $4.50
millet $1.40

Natural items by the pound
demerera sugar $.95 (from Wholesome Sweeteners)
sucanat sugar $3
turbinado sugar $2

Other items by the pound
granular fructose sugar $1.15
kamut berries $2
kamut 50# bag $74
prairie gold wheat berries (hard white wheat) $.80
prairie gold wheat berries 50# bag $36
soft white wheat berries (pastry) $1
soft white wheat berries 50# bag $40
spelt berries $2.25
spelt berries 50# bag $76

Storage items
gamma seal lids $10
6 gallon buckets $11
small bread bags, 100 count $12
large bread bags, 100 count $14

++All grains can be ground into flour.They will be milled fresh, on the day of pick up. Add $.20 per pound.
None of the fresh milled flours are 100% gluten free at this time! I use the same mill for all grains.
However, cracked corn, buckwheat, etc. ARE gluten free.
I will be investing in another grinder for gluten free items. So, gluten free flours will be available in the future!

Look what is coming!
  • 100% gluten free oats
  • organic honey
  • more organic grains and beans.
    I will let you know when they arrive!

Appliances - Check out appliances from http://www.bosch.com/ Ask me for pricing!

Also, check out http://www.countrybaker.com/ Ask me for pricing!

Not seeing an item you want?? Just ask me!
I can order any grain you are interested in.
Please give me at least 1 week (or less) to get it for you.
Let me know how much and if you want it in organic.
I will not place an order until you are sure you want the item!

**Items I am thinking about getting in.
flavored agave nectar (vanilla, irish crème, amaretto, cappuccino, hazelnut) 11.75 oz bottle $4
organic hemp seed 1# $15
organic pinto beans 1# $2.75
organic navy beans 1# $2.75
organic white jasmine rice 1# $3.25
organic golden flax seed 1# $2.45
spices and loose leaf teas may be on their way too!
**Let me know if any of these interest you. I will order them sooner, rather than later!
Also, I will be doing a recipe a month to highlight different products and let you know what is on SALE!

~It is my goal to give you the best grains at the best price~
Prices are subject to change as my stock runs out and market prices goes up! Sorry.

God Bless,
From Shelly S, Owner of Crabapple Lane
260-409-2227 cellular

Please feel free to pass this on to any and all of your friends! God Bless!